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#Metoo Truth and Reconciliation Member Motion

This Member Motion* passed by UCU Sheffield Branch is endorsed by Rule 13 Case Survivor A and Survivor B. It reflects more truly our experience of victimisation before, during and after this case caused by a hostile environment aimed to undermine this specific sexual harassment complaint. Se still do not feel safe and welcome atContinue reading “#Metoo Truth and Reconciliation Member Motion”

UCU Congress 2020

Sheffield University UCU Branch #Metoo Truth and Reconciliation Motion Congress notes: The importance of the #metoo movement globally in redressing gender inequality;Sexual harassment and sexual violence occur in progressive organisations, including trade unions such as our own;Rape culture is enabled by institutions and structures that harbour perpetrators and create an environment hostile to survivors. ConferenceContinue reading “UCU Congress 2020”

UCU Rule 13 Case, 2016

Statement from Survivor A and Survivor B We would like to publish openly this statement in response to an anonymous blog by a whistle-blower which came out on Saturday, 8th February 2020, about our experience with sexual harassment and bullying at UCU. Our statement is also partly about clarifying a response that has come outContinue reading “UCU Rule 13 Case, 2016”