4 thoughts on “To UCU Members

  1. Just wanted to send you some solidarity and love. Am so sorry we lost you as activists —the union is poorer for it

    The fight to make a rule fit for the purpose of expelling those who sexually harasss goes on.


    1. Dear Elane, Thank you for your kind words! We are really starved from support right now and blamed for disrupting the strike, being ‘sectarian’ and so on. But we decided to fight back, we have started a campaign for investigation (see our twitter account, see https://twitter.com/JusticeUcu). Lots of love back, Survivor A. xx

      PS I think it was perhaps you who was involved in an change with Rhianon Lockley on Facebook related to the case? I saw it all and quietly cheered. Thank you for that too. x


    2. Hi Elane,

      We have seen that you have been defending us on social media. We can’t tell you how much this means. We have become used to isolation, marginalisation and attacks, so to see someone we don’t know defending us in this way is incredibly moving. Thank you so very much – it means a lot.

      Survivor B xxx


      1. I am sorry that you face gaslighting. It shames the whole union that any of our members would participate in undermining survivors to defend their factional organisation, rather than demand change within it. Especially when it is done in the name of women’s liberation by women who call themselves feminists.


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