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UCU Congress 2020

Sheffield University UCU Branch

#Metoo Truth and Reconciliation Motion

Congress notes:

The importance of the #metoo movement globally in redressing gender inequality;
Sexual harassment and sexual violence occur in progressive organisations, including trade unions such as our own;
Rape culture is enabled by institutions and structures that harbour perpetrators and create an environment hostile to survivors.

Conference believes:

There is an urgent need to address this issue within our union, our universities and the society more generally.
The misuse of confidential processes can shield perpetrators from scrutiny, further traumatise survivors and enable further abuse to take place.

Conference resolves:

To support an independent third-party expert review of existing policies, practices and procedures in the union in order to:

a) Improve structures for reporting;

b) Improve support for survivors;

c) Facilitate investigation of past practice to ensure a supportive environment for survivors;

d) Consider what measures should be implemented to ensure that the union is accountable to its membership.


Congress delegates, please support this motion.

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