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#Metoo Truth and Reconciliation Member Motion

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This Member Motion* passed by UCU Sheffield Branch is endorsed by Rule 13 Case Survivor A and Survivor B. It reflects more truly our experience of victimisation before, during and after this case caused by a hostile environment aimed to undermine this specific sexual harassment complaint. Se still do not feel safe and welcome at our own branch and we are grateful to Sheffield colleagues for giving us this much needed voice.

We base our conclusions on facts and our lived experiences, for which we seek an independent investigation by the Union, as published in a joint statement in an earlier blog post at We do not have evidence that rape culture is endemic for the Union as a whole but we have evidence that it has been perpetrated and supported by particular individuals, institutions and structures within it. We ask for their accountability to all UCU members, and to us as ‘rank and file’ members and former activists, now Survivors of sexual harassment and abuse at UCU.

UCU Branch Sheffield University

#Metoo Truth and Reconciliation

Member Motion

Conference notes:

The importance of the #metoo movement globally in redressing gender inequality.
Troubling cases of sexual harassment and sexual violence within the union, including cases of union leaders as perpetrators.
Rape culture is enabled not just by perpetrators but by the individuals, institutions and structures that harbor them and create a hostile environment for survivors and enforce silence.

Conference believes:

There is an urgent need to address this within our union, within our universities and within the society more generally, bringing these issues into the open.

Conference resolves:

To support an independent third party expert review of existing policies, practices and procedures in the union in order to improve structures for reporting; improve support for survivors; end the use of gag orders of survivors by the union and employers; and facilitate investigation and accountability with respect to the hostile environment created for those who disclose abuse.

*Sheffield branch also voted a motion for Congress 2020 available here

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